Dienstag, Dezember 15, 2009

Copenhagen. Hopenhagen?

Finally I am here. It makes another circle round. The circle, that started last year at the European Parliament, when I was in Strasbourg watching MEPs making a bold step in stopping climate change. I was there, when they passed the climate package that has lead me here. Now, I am watching the whole world making big steps. Hopefully.

So, as there are rumors, that the queue to the Bella Center (that’s where the Climate Conference takes place) needs between 3 to 7 hours, we skipped that point of the agenda and had dinner directly. At a Hard Rock Cafe. (it’s been more than a decade, I’ve set a foot in such a place).

Here are some of my first, somehow paradox impressions of Copenhagen. It is a beautiful city, and as I missed some beautiful stones around me lately, I fell in love instantly. But – yes, there is a but – when it comes to climate change, the beauty fades. Sure, I have to admit that the benchmark is high and the attention is focused on climate issues. But that is, why we are here.

First: My hotel room has an open window while the heat runs quite well. Anyway, some bold curtains prevent either heat or cold getting actually into the room.

Second: The city obviously spent money on self marketing as green city, that is the very right place to welcome a Climate Conference with a goal not smaller than to save the planet. But the marketing guys might have considered a better placement of the ad – not between all the meat intensive fast food chains. “Less meat, less heat”!

Third: At the old/ new harbour, where the obvious rich part of the Shopping street ends, starts a small Christmas market. All the lined up, nice looking bars and restaurants offer seating outside, heating included. Remember, it is December! Currently, we have around zero degree and the heating was warming empty seats.

Fourth: That is a more general point as it concerns all smaller and bigger cities in December. It concerns all the Christmas lightning. Really I like it very much, it make Christmas brighter and the dark times in winter easier. But if we are serious with changing our life style, we need to change that either. Even if it hurts.

I hope, I’ll have the opportunity to actually report from the inside of the Conference, tomorrow. Wish me luck!

PS: Yes, I am in. And they have free Wifi. Strike

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Hallo Annette, seit vergangener Woche Dienstag ca. sollte dein Twichtelgeschenk in Leer angekommen sein. Ist das so? Wie ich verfolgt habe, warst du in Kopenhagen und dann in Hamburg...und jetzt wieder Leer? Wär schön, wenn du mal kurz tweetest, ob es da ist...das wär klasse. Merci, dein Twichtel